Frugal-nomics DIY: Sequin Encrusted Denim Shorts

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Season after season, denim is just one of those fabrics that never seems to go out of style.  So, I wanted to do something unique with it — I wanted to play with textures a bit. So…..I took some of my leftover sequin fabric that I had from the backless crop top inspired by Rihanna, and I combined the two fabrics to add a chic touch that would definitely dress up my “blues.” Tell me what you think!




















SUPPLIES: Denim shorts (mine were pants I got at the Goodwill), scissors, straight pins, needle and thread, pencil, tracing paper (I just used some old tissue paper I had), and sequin fabric.

1. Take your tracing paper and pencil and draw an outline of both the left and right sides of your shorts.
2. Cut out both of those forms — they will look like this. Feel free to mark a tiny “L” and “R” on them to keep them straight.
3. Turn your fabric face down, and then pin your patterns face down onto the back side of the fabric. Cut them both out.
4. Take your sequin forms you cut out and lay them on their respective sides. Next, take your scissors and cut out a notch for the belt loop.
5. Now, hand stitch your forms into place. Be sure to pay special attention to the outer perimeter of each form….you’ll want it to but up against all the seams of the jean’s edges.  (Note: while I didn’t picture it, feel free to add some e6000 glue around the edges first if you want a little added security before stitching). Here you go!


  1. Lynn

    September 2, 2013 at

    Great DIY… I found your blog by way of Nic Picks feature. I’m now following! Thanks or sharing!

    • frugal-nomics

      September 2, 2013 at

      Thank you so much for stopping by Lynn!

  2. Reicha

    August 9, 2013 at

    Love, love, love these!!!

    • frugal-nomics

      September 23, 2013 at

      much appreciated!

  3. Galliesallie

    August 8, 2013 at

    So cute and creative!

    • frugal-nomics

      September 23, 2013 at

      and pink is my absolute fave!

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