Frugal-nomics DIY: Metal Chain Necklace

Posted on 02 August 2013 by frugal-nomics

Gone are the days where you’re only allowed to wear one metal at a time.  With this necklace I was able to combine a bunch of my favorites….metal chain….spikes….a few crystals….all fun.   Throw caution to the wind and try this rocker chic favorite.   It’s bold. It’s functional….and it definitely stands out! Tell me how you’d pair it.




SUPPLIES: Assortment of metal chain, a closure, safety pins, spikes, needle and thread, needle nose pliers, and a pair of wire cutters.

1. Take some wire cutters to make a break in the clasp — be sure to be careful not to do so at the bottom of the loop so as not to have chains slip off. Then pry the ring open with your pliers.
2. These chains are really easy to attach to the master ring, but the crystalized chain requires as extra step.  So, use a matching thread to stitch together the ends of the crystalized chains.
3. Add a safety to ends of the chains that don’t rings. Remember, you’ll cut all your chain the same length; taking into account those chains that have safety pins.
4. Take one strand of the pink chain and add 7 equally spaced spikes.  (Note: Feel free to add a dab of glue inside the spike’s end cap if you feel you need extra security).
5. Add all of your chains to one side of the closure ring (Note: Ok, so its really easy to get the chains a little jumbled, so I laid them out to keep them all organized.
6. Collect the group of chains, add them to the second closure ring on the opposite side, and give the group a twist. Keep the pink chain with studs and the two strands of black chain, separate.
7. Keeping the single pink strand with studs and the black chain straight (no twisting here), add them also to the closure ring on the opposite side and close the second ring.


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