Frugal-nomics Feature in DIY Beading Magazine

16 February 2015

Hey lovelies, hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and a great holiday today — I just love long weekends. Yes, I do manage to do a little lounging, but these days also make a great time for me to get caught up on things on my perpetual to-do list.

Now, speaking of my To-Do List….I wanted to take a quick moment to share with you a recent Frugal-nomics DIY feature with DIY Beading Magazine (Issue #26). A few weeks ago DIY Beading Magazine reached out and asked could they include in their online magazine a couple of my statement necklaces that they had come across…and I was oh-so-happy and honored to have them spread the love :) .

Want to check out the full issue? Take a look at the pdf I’ve included right here , and if you’re in the mood for some more DIY’s….here’s a link to my gallery.  Oh, AND if you want to make some statement necklaces of your own, click the following links for some of my totally doable pieces. Let me know which ones are your favorite, below.

1. Stella & Dot Pegasus Inspired Necklace
2. Recycled TShirt Necklace
3. Anthropologie Inspired Gold Coin Necklace 
4. Stella & Dot Tempest Inspired Necklace 
5. Metal Chain Necklace

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Frugal-nomics DIY: Sequins Jogging Pants

14 February 2015

I’ve had this pink sequins fabric for quite a while now that I thought I’d somehow use to cover some pumps.  But, my mind immediately changed when I recently came across these Sequins Joggers on a trip to Anthropologie while buying a candle (the Goji Voluspa Japonica candle is my absolute favorite). Now, I gotta [...]


Frugal-nomics DIY: Wine Leather Alligator Clutch

11 February 2015

I’ve found a new love — working with leather, and I’ve been cranking out a few projects since I received a lesson in leather making. My latest is this Wine Colored Leather Alligator Clutch.  Since we’re in the chillier months, I’ve been really drawn to this color that looks great in just about anything — [...]


Frugal-nomics Picked up by FUBU TV

09 February 2015

Hey guys, so….it’s has been a while….but I’ve been working behind the scenes and have missed you all. I’ve been trudging away on some really great projects that I can now finally share with you!  A while ago I took to the task of creating my own show for Frugal-nomics. I wanted to show guys and gals that you don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy yourself everyday, on a date….or anytime in between. So I wrote, hosted, produced, and even did some of the editing for a full length episode….and today I’m happy to announce that it’s been picked up by Fubu TV (a subsidiary of the beloved Fubu Clothing Line).

Feel free to check out the Frugal-nomics episode by:
1. Visiting
2. Click FUBU TV (lower right hand corner)
3. and then scroll down to the Frugal-nomics episode link.

Please feel free to watch it from your devices and share it with your family and friends — we‘re trying to reach 500,000 unique views this month that will be reported by Nielson to DISH & Verizon platforms. More great things to come, can’t wait to share.

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