5 Ways to Start Being Frugal, Pronto!

23 April 2014


Ever find yourself thinking, “if only I made more money, all my financial woes would be over?” Well, let me be the first say that you are totally not alone in feeling that way — not even close.

But along with that realization comes another somewhat harsh one — the truth is, if you were to continue your same spending habits past today, even with a bigger paycheck, you would soon find yourself in the same economic position, despite the fact you have more money.

Yes, sad…but oh so true. If you’ve been living beyond your means with the money you make now, and not earmarking anything for savings or tackling some of your amassed debt, your fate would have already been sealed.

So how do you change your outlook? Check out these five tips you can apply right away that will help you start being frugal, and help you free up some cash to save. Continue Reading

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Frugal-nomics DIY: Gold Coins Necklace

21 April 2014

A while back I came across a necklace called Loose Change made by Anthropologie — I was immediately taken by the piece’s simple construction and high potential for versatility. While their coins were textured, they were plain and I wanted my coin pendants to have a little more character. So, when I  came across these [...]


Frugal-nomics DIY: Russian Fur Hat with Ear Flaps

06 March 2014

There’s been a whole lotta snow here in the city this winter, and everywhere I look, people –both young and old —  have been donning these Russian Fur Hats with the Ear Flaps (think they’re called Ushankas) to keep warm — me included. So, I thought it would fun to create my own. I used [...]


3 Reasons Your Closet Isn’t Living Up to It’s Potential

03 March 2014

George Doyle/Stockbyte

Have you ever been going through your closet and “found” an item you forgot you had? I mean had you remembered it…just think of all the wears you could have gotten out of it. When this happens, you’re not living up to your wardrobe’s fullest potential…and who wants that? Nobody, right? Well since we can’t always quickly identify when we’ve veered off our fashion course, I’m here to share with you 3 reasons you may not be maximizing your closet’s capabilities; and how you can kick these bad habits and get on to a more happy and fashionable you – pronto!

1. They just don’t fit. As a personal shopper and stylist, I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been helping someone edit their closet and create a lookbook, and they will show me garment after garment they haven’t worn in a while — or in some cases, have never popped the tags off — because it doesn’t fit properly and needs to be taken to a tailor. To that I say, take a page out of any of your favorite celebs playbook. Most of their garments fit like they were custom made — boho chic and boyfriend looks aside — and you too can achieve this. Continue Reading

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