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Champagne Ruffles

Posted on 28 February 2014 by frugal-nomics

Happy Friday everyone!  I’m so happy that we’re seeing glimpses of warm(er) weather here and there….it makes me even more anxious for Spring.

Out of all my blazers (thrifted or not) this is bar far one of my favorites….that just goes to show you that you don’t have to pay full retail to get memorable pieces.  Do you have a favorite thrifted item? Tell me below.

:: OUTFIT ::
Jacket :: Free People (thrifted)
Skirt :: Club Monaco (thrifted)
Tights :: Target
Necklace :: (old)
Watch :: Michael Kors
Handbag :: Kenneth Cole
Pumps :: Rachel Roy

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Winter Chic

Posted on 12 November 2013 by frugal-nomics

Happy Tuesday guys!!! A couple of weeks ago fellow blogger, Sam at Fabulous Petite, commented on my Ostrich Feather Skirt DIY that she liked it a lot, and I mentioned to her that I’ve been itching to wear it again. True enough, the temps have been dropping here in New York City, but that didn’t stop me from grabbing a chunky sweater and some tights and making one of my favorite DIY creations, winter chic. Tell me how you winterize your wardrobe and what you think of this one, below.


Mossimo Supply Co :: (Thrifted)
Skirt (my own creation, also seen here)
Tights :: Target
Shoes :: Rachel Roy
Handbag :: Gucci (Thrifted)
Rings :: Charming Charlie

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Throw Back

Posted on 26 October 2013 by frugal-nomics

Happy Saturday guys! So happy to share another outfit post with you…this one is special because the hat was my grandmother’s.  While I inherited several of her hats a couple of years ago when she passed away, they were a wee bit too small for my head (and I always thought I had a tiny noggin).  But it wasn’t until recently I got a hat while thrifting that too was undersized as well, that it dawned on me to look up if anyone else had a solution to my problem…and low and behold they did! The message boards I read suggested that I wet the hat and then wear them.  Not one to mess up my hair (I know I’m not the only one), I soaked the hat in the bathtub, placed a plastic bag on my hair, and proceeded to wear them each for about a half hour around the house as they dried — and presto, it worked! I was so very excited to find a solution, so now I’ll be rocking her hats with pride.

I also wanted to share a funny story with you. I wanted to try a new location today, so I took my camera up to Lincoln Center for this post. I was just about finished shooting myself with the 10 second timer when a New York City Police Officer began to approach (I could see him coming in my LCD screen, but pretended not to notice) and told me I couldn’t shoot if I was using a tripod. How was I supposed to finish, alone? Having everything I needed except my wideshot, I expressed my dilemma to the officer and he offered to take some shots for me. Relieved and now finished, I happily packed up my stuff.  So, while I didn’t get his name….I’d like to dedicate this post to that officer.  It just goes to show you that you should always be nice, even if you’re being ejected from a place :) Have a beautiful weekend guys!

:: OUTFIT ::

Blazer :: Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti (thrifted)
Jumpsuit :: Material Girl by Madonna
Handbag :: Louis Vuitton (thrifted)
Hat :: (used to be my grandmothers)
Shoes :: Guess

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