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Frugal-nomics DIY: Sequins Jogging Pants

Posted on 14 February 2015 by frugal-nomics

I’ve had this pink sequins fabric for quite a while now that I thought I’d somehow use to cover some pumps.  But, my mind immediately changed when I recently came across these Sequins Joggers on a trip to Anthropologie while buying a candle (the Goji Voluspa Japonica candle is my absolute favorite). Now, I gotta warn you….these pants went through several iterations.  But, ultimately I’m really really happy with the finished product and I thought Valentine’s Day would be the perfect day to show these blush colored Sequins Joggers to you. They can be dressed up with a blazer, or worn casually with a denim shirt or graphic tee — tell me how you’d style them, below.   >>>Love sequins, check out some of my other Sequins DIY’s here, here, and here.<<<

SUPPLIES: elastic (all I had was orange), straight edge, scissors, straight pins, scissors, sequins fabric, and some ponte fabric.


1. Fold your fabric in half twice so you ultimately end up with four layers in total.
2. I used a pair of skinny pants I had as a pattern. Fold your pants front to front and line them up against the two folds. (Note: At first I really exaggerated my cut to make them nice and roomy, but wound up cutting them down quite a bit. In the end I recommend you leave a little more room in yours). Also, be sure to give yourself some extra space near the waistband — see how I cut straight towards the band rather than curving in the exact direction of my current pants? That’s how you get them to fit looser in the waist.
3. So when you open up the fabric that you folded and cut, you will have two forms that look like this one. Each side is a leg.
4. Pin those two legs together.
5. Go ahead and sew the area you just pinned.
6. Measure the length of waist of your pants to determine the size of ponte you’ll need.


7. Go ahead and cut out that waistband.
8. Now I had to wrap my mind around how I’d make these pants work since they changed from my original idea — you may be able to skip this step, but here I had to cut them down the sides to add my “tuxedo stripe.” But feel free to leave this one out if you don’t want the stripe.
9. Now pin your tuxedo stripe on each leg into place.
10. Throw them on the machine and sew them up.
11. Pin your waistband into place.
12. After I fed my elastic through the waist with a safety pin, I added three rows of stitching to give the waistband detail to keep the elastic in place. (Note: Be sure to pull the elastic taught while sewing).
13. After I got my tuxedo striped in I needed to taper them at the shins, so I tried them on for the perfect fit.
14. I measured the shin area much like I did the waist band in Step 6 to determine how big of a piece of ponte I would need. Then I pinned the band in place, sewed it, and then fed the elastic through and closed it up on the machine.

…and there you have it, a sparkly and fun pair of jogging pants.  I recommend leaving room in yours to add a lining (the sequins do get a little scratchy), or do like I did and wear footless leggings underneath. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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Frugal-nomics DIY: Wine Leather Alligator Clutch

Posted on 11 February 2015 by frugal-nomics

I’ve found a new love — working with leather, and I’ve been cranking out a few projects since I received a lesson in leather making. My latest is this Wine Colored Leather Alligator Clutch.  Since we’re in the chillier months, I’ve been really drawn to this color that looks great in just about anything — call it what you will — oxblood, wine, burgundy. Now, my first attempt at a clutch I had to wrap my brain around the whole flipping it inside out thing….but once you get it, you’ll be making one in every finish and color. I guarantee it. I’d love to hear your clutch success stories below.





SUPPLIES: a straight edge, silk polyester lining, some leather, straight pins, rotary cutter, scissors, a binder clip, and a zipper. 

1. So after you cut out 6 rectangles (2 tiny ones to encase the zipper, 2 leather 16 x 11 inches, and 2 lining 16 x 11 inches), take your 2 tiniest ones and attach them to either side of of zipper with binder clips.
2. Sew your tiny rectangles of leather to either side of the zipper.
3. Now this step can get a little tricky, but it’s super easy once you’ve done it the first time. Ultimately you want your leather on top of the zipper, and your lining on the under side. So take your leather and with zipper facing up, attach the right side of your leather to your zipper with your straight pins. (Note: you don’t want to get too close to your zipper teeth or you won’t be able to unzip it with ease). Repeat on opposite with lining.
4. Now go ahead and sew each.


5. Here’s how it looks once leather is sewn to the zipper.
6. Now, you’ll have 4 flaps attached to the zipper: 2 leather, 2 lining. Line them up and hold the leather in place with binder clips before placing on sewing machine. Straight pins here might leave puncture marks in your leather. (Note: leave the zipper open about 5 inches, or it will be challenging to flip the bag to it’s right side).
7. After sewing up all 3 sides of your leather, you’ll sew up all 3 sides of your lining…but leave about 5 inches open on one side open.
8. Cut off the 2 corners on your leather. Now, you’re almost done — flip pull the leather through the lining and flip the bag a second time to get it all on right side with lining now on inside. Hand stitch up that 5 inch opening in the lining and you’re all set. 

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Frugal-nomics Picked up by FUBU TV

Posted on 09 February 2015 by frugal-nomics

Hey guys, so….it’s has been a while….but I’ve been working behind the scenes and have missed you all. I’ve been trudging away on some really great projects that I can now finally share with you!  A while ago I took to the task of creating my own show for Frugal-nomics. I wanted to show guys and gals that you don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy yourself everyday, on a date….or anytime in between. So I wrote, hosted, produced, and even did some of the editing for a full length episode….and today I’m happy to announce that it’s been picked up by Fubu TV (a subsidiary of the beloved Fubu Clothing Line).

Feel free to check out the Frugal-nomics episode by:
1. Visiting Fubu.com
2. Click FUBU TV (lower right hand corner)
3. and then scroll down to the Frugal-nomics episode link.

Please feel free to watch it from your devices and share it with your family and friends — we‘re trying to reach 500,000 unique views this month that will be reported by Nielson to DISH & Verizon platforms. More great things to come, can’t wait to share.

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