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Frugal-nomics DIY: Flower Crown

Posted on 08 July 2014 by frugal-nomics

Unless you’ve been under a rock, I’m sure you’ve noticed the ever growing trend of the Flower Crown, on both girls and women everywhere.  Not just for outdoor festivals, this trend originated in the times of Ancient Greece, and we recently saw this boho chic accessory on the spring 2014 runways of designers like Dolce & Gabbana. Want to be on top of the trend? Grab some flowers — whether fabric, artificial or real — and get to work!

SUPPLIES: scissors, elastic, needle and thread, artificial flowers.

1. With scissors or wire cutters, carefully remove the flower bulbs from their stems.
2. Measure the length of elastic you’ll need by wrapping it around your head — make it about 1.5 inches smaller than needed for a snugger fit.
3. Once you’re cut your elastic to your desired length, hand stitch it closed.
4. Next, prepare the needle and thread to begin stitching on the flowers.
5. Now for the creative part — stitch each flower onto the elastic band.

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Frugal-nomics DIY: Neoprene One-Shoulder Dress

Posted on 16 June 2014 by frugal-nomics

There’s this one dress I got from American Eagle 4 or 5 years ago, and while I love its simple construction, I wanted one that was a little longer. So, with some gorgeous neoprene Theory fabric I found, I got to work making one that was the perfect length. I tried my hand at creating my own pattern (Size XS) for the first time — it took a bit of figuring out, but I hope you enjoy.  Want to know how to make the studded clutch I have here too? Check it out here.

Supplies: Stretchy Neoprene fabric, pattern (which you can get, here), some straight pins, a pair of scissors, and a sewing machine.

1. First, print out the pattern found here, cut it out, lay it on top of your doubled up fabric, and then pin it into place.
2. Next, cut out your two forms and pin up the sides.
3. Go ahead and sew up the sides.
4. Now, there’s a little notch cut out under the arm, pinch that together, and pin it.
5. Also pin together the shoulder (the side nearest my pin dispenser with the 3 pins in it).
6. Then, go ahead and sew the shoulder together. 

7. Now, fold your arm hole back about an 1.5 inches at the shoulder. I also began folding back the portion your body will fit through…go ahead and stick a pin it to hold your spot.
8. Next, go ahead and put a few stitches in the arm hole to keep it folded back.
9. Okay…this parts a little tricky, but I tried to pull it back to show you that there were two layers.  Here, you fold the body hole back once, and then double it up on itself once more, and pin it.
10. Lastly, I just stitched the length of the pins right at the shoulder (ultimately 1.5 inches on either side of the shoulder seam).


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Frugal-nomics DIY: Gold Coins Necklace

Posted on 21 April 2014 by frugal-nomics

A while back I came across a necklace called Loose Change made by Anthropologie — I was immediately taken by the piece’s simple construction and high potential for versatility. While their coins were textured, they were plain and I wanted my coin pendants to have a little more character. So, when I  came across these gold coins at Mood I knew I’d found just the foundation I needed to complete it. A few supplies, and a little suede cord and I was well on my way. Tell me what you think below.

SUPPLIES: some gold wire, a pair of scissors, (2) 1/4 in findings, pliers (2 pairs, help), wire cutters, 15 gold coin pendants, suede cord,
a few cocktail straws, packet of tiny findings, can a spray paint, and some newspaper for easy cleanup.

1. Ok, first you’ll take both sets of pliers and open up the tiny findings that will attach each of the 15 coins.
2. With your wire cutters, snip your cocktail straws into 1/2 inch pieces — I cut about 17.
3. Cut 2 pieces wire — one slightly longer than the other (about 1.5 inches).
4. Now attach the findings to the coins, and then close them back with your pliers.
5. I cut another long piece of wire and slipped all my pieces of straw onto it, and then sprayed them with gold spray paint.
(Note: I suggest letting them dry overnight).
6. Take your 2, 1/4 in findings and slip knot your 2 pieces of suede cord through them both.
7. Alternate gold coins and straw pieces on your 2 pieces of wire — 7 coins on shorter wire, and 8 on the longer.
8. With your needle nose pliers, bend the ends of the wire onto the findings.

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