Frugal-nomics DIY: Stella & Dot Tempest Inspired Necklace

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I’ve had a long time love affair with some of the creations from the jewelry line of Stella & Dot. But, sometimes our taste exceeds our budget.  Knowing a good statement necklace is often a staple in your wardrobe, I’ve opted to do it myself.  So, I grabbed some chain and embroidery floss and took to making my own version of Stella & Dot’s Tempest Necklace.  Like the Tempest, my necklace can be worn two ways — double the bang for your buck. Tell me what piece you’d like to see me recreate next, below. Have a great day!

SUPPLIES: a pair of wire cutters, pliers, glue, chain, crystals (in black and clear), upholstery needle, closure, and embroidery floss.

1. Using your wire cutters, cut down 3 pieces of crystals (I used to 2 black and one clear), along with 2 pieces of chain (Note: due to the nature of them curving, one will be gradually longer than the other from the inner edge to the outer edge).
2. You want to play around with the chain and crystals visually to figure out what you want.  Once you decide, lay everything out FACE DOWN in that formation exactly (Note: This step is extremely important, because once it is set, it’s set).
3. Now that you have an idea of what it’s going to look like, remove the 2 pieces of chain from the outer and inner perimeter, and begin to apply glue to the back side of just the crystals you will be working with (Note: you want glue not only on the back, but in between each chain a bit. You don’t want it to be too messy and show through the front of the necklace, but at the same time you do want them to adhere to each other). Let this sit for about an hour to dry.
4. Add back in the inner chain, and begin to add glue along the side of the chain and crystals.
5. Do the same thing for the outer chain, that you did for the inner. (Note: I used a pen cap to make the glue application in between chain and crystals, easier).
6. With my needle and thread, start binding just the 3 rows of crystals together.  You will ultimately tie the whole thing together, but start here.  I began on the back side and brought my needle up over top of the first row, drove needle beneath the middle row, and then went over the top of the last row — ending on the back side of the necklace.  From there, I fed my thread diagonally over to the top of the next row, and began again.
7. Next step is to bind the inner chain to the row of 3 crystals you tied altogether already. Knot the thread to the first link on the chain like I did in Step #10 — as always, starting on the back side.  Then drive needle from bottom over the top of the first row of black crystals, through the eye of the next adjoining chain link, back through the bottom. Repeat.
8. Repeat Step #7 for outer chain.
9. Grab one side of your clasp, you decide what will be top and which will be bottom.  I used black thread for a sleeker look. Starting with chain on one end, weave needle through each opening of crystals and chain, making sure to drive the needle over the bar of the clasp, with each pass. Then tie it on the back. (Note: the picture is a visual of how the under side of the necklace looks at this point).
10. With needle attached to thread, knot one end of a very long orange string (I’d say at least 3 feet) to the first link in the chain.
11.  Chain and crystals are all bound together at this point, so this threading is purely for decoration.  Take this same string and drive needle over the adjoining link to the right, and directly through its middle.  Right before you pull the thread taught, bring the needle back up directly between the necklace and the anchor thread (NOT BEHIND this thread –See picture).

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