Frugal-nomics DIY: Halloween Personalized Napkin Ring Holders

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Growing up I progressively got more and more into setting the table for holidays like Thanksgiving — I mean I would really go all out, hand drying leaves and pine cones from outside, for a finishing touch.  So, it was a natural progression for me to create these personalized napkin ring holders to get in the mood for Halloween.  I mean I saw one cut out of a bat as inspiration, and I totally took it to a new level.  You can add as many shapes and designs that your imagination can scare up — it will be a ghoul of a time. (Corny, I know…but enjoy!) 🙂

SUPPLIES: 1/4 yard of felt, silk organza ribbon (close to a yard for each place setting), fabric paint, straight pins, scissors, and a print out of all the images you want to use (I used Google Images to find some cute ones!!!) 

1. The first step is to find silhouettes of pictures you want on Google Images, print them out the size of about 1/4 of a page or less, and then cut them all out.
2. Take your organza ribbon and cut a piece for each of your place settings (Note: be generous so you can have a nice size bow — mine were each 31 inches long).
3. Using straight pins, attach each image to your felt.
4. Go ahead and carefully cut out your images.
5. In the spot you’d like your ribbon to run through your felt “character,” make a tiny incission (about an 1/8th inch) with your scissors. 6. Take the nozzle of your fabric paint, and carefully spell each name of your guests. (Note: I would practice first to gauge how fast paint comes out when you apply pressure to the bottle, because in the event you mess up, you don’t want to have to start all over). Let dry for a few hours.
7. Slip your organza ribbon evenly through the incission you made in Step #5, and you’re all done! 

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