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Louis. Leather. Leopard.

Happy Monday guys! This weekend I worked on a commercial and also spent some time creating my own handbag — a project I’ve been brainstorming for at least a year now. I can’t wait to share it with you all.  But speaking of handbags…I thought this outfit was the perfect time to pull out one of my all time thrifting faves (also seen here) — this Louis Vuitton Le Sac Plat bag in Epi Leather was something I picked up for less than $1.

Oh, and I’m happy to debut these leopard print ballet flats — not that I needed another pair of leopard print calf hair shoes (see others here, here, and here) — but I stalked these babies the entire summer because I refused to buy them for the full retail price of $118. I had originally spotted them at $78, but had failed to buy them when I under estimated length of sale around Memorial Day.  So, not one to forgo a deal, while perusing the Labor Day sales I came across them for $68 — FINALLY! I immediately jumped on them, and even bought a duplicate pair — something I had never done before. But tell me what you think….were they worth the wait?

:: Outfit ::
Peplum Top :: Zara (2nd hand from eBay, similar here)
Pants :: Rainbow
Handbag :: Louis Vuitton (thrifted)
Necklace :: (my own creation)
Shoes :: Madewell
Watch :: Michael Kors (similar here)
Rings :: ASOS


Frugal-nomics DIY :: Fringe Heels

As I spend more and more time shopping for clients as a personal stylist, I can’t help but notice that leather accents are everywhere for fall — shirts, shoes, shorts….you name it….it’s there.  So, I thought it’d be fun to dress up a pair of heels after seeing this tribal chic pair made by Sergio Rossi (seen here retailing for over $1200 — yes, you read that right).  They’re chic and definitely eye catching! What more can a girl ask for? Tell me what you think.


a pair of strappy heels (you can always start with one ankle strap and make more), needle and thread, binder clip, pen, rotary cutter, scissors, leather (or faux leather), and a ruler. 

1. Cut 4 pieces of leather (My bottom two measured 10 3/4 in x 2 3/4 in, and the top two were 10 in x 2 3/4 in — but feel free to make all four the same length if you’d like).
2. Fold your leather in half, wrong side facing out. Then use your rotary cutter to create the fringes. Feel free to use your pen to measure each fringe if you want; I just eyeballed about 1/8 in all the way across. Do this to all four pieces of leather. (Note: Be sure to leave yourself some room and NOT cut the fringes all the way up to the top).
3. I placed the longer fringe piece over the lower ankle strap, and then placed the shorter one on top.
4. Using your needle and thread; make short stitches in the left, right, and then middle of the fringe to hold the casing in place.
5. Here’s a close up of how my 3 stitches look.


DIY: Beyonce Super Bowl Inspired Bustier

Was I the only one who sat in awe after the Super Bowl half time show back in February?  Not only at Beyonce’s performance  — I mean Kelly and Michelle were a refreshing throwback — but of Beyonce’s COSTUME?  I literally said out loud when she flashed that winning smile at the end….”now THAT’S HOT!” Entralled with the look, I found the guipure lace, got my hands on a secondhand leather vest, and got to work.




Beyonce Inspired Bustier 2
Supplies: Leather vest, guipure lace, rotary cutter, scissors, straight pins, tape measure, straight edge, pen, sewing machine, and/or  needle and thread.  (Note: you can use fabric paint or spray paint to dye lace if you’d like).
Beyonce Inspired Bustier 3
1. Wrap lace around your body, or mannequin to estimate where lace will fall and how much you’ll need.
2. I used masking tape here, but it would be just as easy to use straight pics to section off a guide to what part of the design you want to include BEFORE you cut.
3. Cut out the “U” shaped form of lace you’ll be working with — slowly snipping pieces of the lace close to the edge that won’t be included in your design.
4. I wanted a slightly darker shade than what was available, but this step is totally optional.  To change lace color, feel free to use fabric paint or even spray paint to do the job.  (Note: I tried RIT dye initially, but unfortunately it didn’t work).
5. Use tape measure and pen to mark out the deep “V’s” of leather that you’ll remove from the abdomen area of the vest.
6. Use a rotary cutter to precisely cut the leather.
7. With straight pins, hem the rough edges of the vest that are left after you cut out the V’s.
8. With a half inch seam allowance, hem the leather V’s.
9. Hand stitch lace onto the inner lining of the vest.

Beyonce Inspired Bustier 4