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Love. Leather. Lipstick.

Hey guys!  Hope this finds you well.  For those of you like myself in the Tri-State area, Sandy may be over….but it’s still affecting so many. If you or your loved ones were impacted…I hope this finds you safe and with a smile.

I ventured out over the weekend…and on the way out the door I grabbed a jacket that I had recently given a little DIY love….well, me and my tailor (my tailor and I if you’re a stickler for grammer :).  I took an old H&M cargo jacket I’ve had for several years, bought a leather jacket for $20 off ebay, and for $30 bucks I had the sleeves repurposed.  Absolutely in love with it. You too can accomplish this look with your favorite denim jacket or trench coat, to give it a second life — the possibilities are unique and endless.

So as we begin a new week — hopefully with a fresh start…let me know what your favorite go-to jacket for Fall is.


Bag >< Vintage Gucci (Thrifted)
Shirt ><  The Classic  (Thrifted, also seen here)
Pants >< Club Monaco (Thrifted)
Jacket >< H&M (repurposed with leather sleeves)
Bracelets >< Street Vendor and My DIY (also seen here)
Sunglasses >< Street Vendor
Watch >< Michael Kors
Shoes >< Vince Camuto
Rings >< Aldo