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DIY: Feather Collar Necklace

Plumes just make everything glamourous — don’t you think?!  From Flappers to the present day, we have been using feathers for ages to dress up everything from hats to handbags to skirts.  Want an easy way to update the simplest dress? Try this twist on a Statement Necklace that is sure to be a conversation piece.

1. Hot Glue Gun & Sticks
2. Feather Trim (purchased at Mood ) (Please note: the exact length of trim needed is directly related to desired length to drape your shoulders.)
3.  4 Different Types of Chain at varying lengths (1 main chain for collar, and 3 other chains that will be cut and used twice each).
4. Needle and Thread
5. 3 Gold Rings
6. Clasp
7. If desired, add 2 gold brooches for accents (I added old earrings that were my grandmothers)

1. First cut feather trim at main gold chain to equal desired length (mine is 18inches).
2. Hot glue this main chain to the satin ribbon on feather trim.
3. Turn feather with gold chain now attached over, and stitch your clasp to one side (doesn’t matter which, all depends which side you want clasp on).
4. Cut first chain to create Chain 1 (31 inches) and Chain 4 (17 inches); Cut  second chain to create Chain 2 (25 inches) and Chain 5 (13 inches); and then cut third and thinnest weight chain to create Chain 3 (20 inches) and Chain 6 (7.5 inches)
5.  Add chains IN ORDER from 1 to 6 to gold rings on both ends.
6. Sew and hot glue one ring (with chains attached) to whichever side you did not attach clasp.
7. Open clasp and close necklace with this free ring that has chains now attached.  One more step and you’re almost done.
8. Hot glue earrings, 2 brooch, or whatever accents you’d like to add to the base of the feathers for a polished look.

Now tell me what you’ve been rocking with feathers in your closet?



Fit to Be Tied

:: Outfit::
Jacket :: Oscar de la Renta (Thrifted)
Tie-neck Blouse & Camisole :: Elizabeth Hasselbeck (Gift when appearing on The View)
Earrings :: Vintage (used to be my grandmother’s)
Pants:: No label (Thrifted)
Bag :: Gift by mom from Africa
Shoes :: Steve Madden (also seen here)
Watch :: Michael Kors
Ring :: Aldo