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DIY: Metal Embellished Skirt

Now I haven’t been to many sample sales…but I recently checked out the Oscar de la Renta sale, and stumbled upon a beautifully embellished skirt — I mean metal embellishments have been everywhere lately, including the runways of this past New York Fashion Week. Inspired, I grabbed a skirt I had made from an old turtleneck (seen here), and some sparkly ornate trim I had been eyeing, and I married the two. It’s easy. It’s fun…and it takes any skirt from drab to fab!












Supplies: Skirt, embellished trim, coins, scissors, thread, needles, and chalk.
1. Take nickel (any uniform coins) and mark out your desired layout.
2. Removing each coin along the way, mark out where each embellishment will be sewn.
3. With one long and continuous thread, first hand stitch center crystal into place.
4. Then sew in place middle row of embellishments (Note: the two silver pieces are separate pieces).
5. Next sew into place third row of embellishments below the crystal.
6. Then sew into place bottom/lower middle embellishment.
7. Now sew into place the very top row of the embellishments (Note: by doing this one last, you are able to control the height of each cluster, for perfect alignment against other groupings).
8. Working counter clockwise, sew in between each silver piece, the thin gold embellishments. On the last one triple knot the thread on the inside of the skirt.



My Feature in Instyle Magazine

Hey guys, hope you had a wonderful week — one filled hopefully with love and lots of sweets 🙂  As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I was super excited to see in print my feature in the March 2013 issue of Instyle Magazine with Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams, and Mila Kunis on the cover.  Over the Thanksgiving break, I was inspired to fearlessly mix a couple prints and dust off my silver tights after reading this issue.  So…I perused my closet before I left New York,  grabbed my dad while on a visit home, and  we trekked out for some sunny streets for some shots.  I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out.  To see the outfits up close…check them out here and here. If you happen to pick it up, please  feel free to Instagram, Facebook, Pin or Tweet me a pic of you with it — would love to see it!  Or if you’d just like to do a drive-by at the newsstand….I’m on page 138 🙂  Hope you like!        xoxo, Brandhyze