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DIY: Jeweled Shoe Clips

Want a colorful and fun way to update some shoe oldie but goodies? Well, you are definitely in luck…because I have an affordable and quick solution that I think you’ll LOVE! Grab your favorite vintage earrings or a couple of brooches…and let’s get started!






















































SUPPLIES: Wire cutters, brooches in pairs of 2 (I have one of each version I used shown here.  Be sure to check their design, because they are often purchased individually — therefore color schemes may vary), e6000 glue, and 4 earring clip-on backs.

1. Take the wire cutters and completely snip off the entire pin back and its adjoining metal (Note: if it doesn’t come off clean, use a nail file to smooth the surface).
2. Add e6000 glue to the earring backing.
3. After you decide which side is “up” for the layout of your brooch, adhere earring backing to it, and hold in place for a moment.
4. Let glue dry for several hours — I did it overnight.  (Note: If your earring backing protrudes out in any way, and is uncomfortable for your foot, feel free use wire cutters to remove it).