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Frugal-nomics DIY: Sequin Bow Headband

Shine, shimmer, sparkle….I’m all in (!) — and with the holidays just around the corner, you may want to incorporate all three into your winter ensemble.  Now, me personally, I don’t own a great deal of decorative hair accessories. But when I saw this sequin bow I knew I had to start a new trend for myself. So with a little glue, this fabulous sequin bow, and a spare headband, I am holiday ready – super quick, super fun, super chic…all in a flash!

SUPPLIES: glue, sequin bow, headband, binder clip, and needle and thread.

1. Add some glue to the back of your bow.
2. Adhere bow to your headband in the position you want it, and clamp it with the binder clip to let it dry for about an hour (Note: Add a piece of ribbon on the backside if you are concerned about any exposed glue touching your hair even after it drys).
3. Rather than let them stick up, I used a needle and thread to stitch the two flaps to the headband itself. Voila