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Frugal-nomics DIY: Eyelet Shorts

Being as I comb the internet for DIY inspiration, I’m often seeing and doing projects that require a sewing machine for that polished look….but for this one, I wanted to “level the playing field” for everyone and offer up  something that was super cute, but no-sew.  These eyelet shorts say it all. They are so flirty and feminine, and are great for a date night or brunch with friends.  Check them out! 












SUPPLIES: a pair of old shorts (I used a pair of men’s boxers), needle and thread, fabric glue, lace trim, and scissors. 

HOW-TO: Not wanting to shell out a lot for a pair of shorts, I opted for a pair of men’s boxers I could hand stitch to the fit I wanted. I then rolled the waist down, took in the sides, hemmed them, and hand stitched them to this new fit that I liked. Quick and easy.

1. Take a piece of lace trim and measure around the circumference of one thigh. Cut it. I wanted this first piece to drape below the hem line of the shorts, so add a line of glue and go ahead and set the first piece in place (Note: Make sure the seam is on the inner thigh).
2. Continue to add pieces along the inner thigh — I used four of them.
3. Here you see the four rows I have done around each leg, trying to be careful where the seams lined up in the inner thigh area. Next, you’ll want to start placing entire strips around the entire pair of shorts (Note: I alternated which side my seam was on).
4. It got just a little tricky the higher I went up, so I opted to put the shorts on so I could fill them out and make sure they weren’t too tight. So I kept them on and glued on the trim as I got closer to the waist band. Presto!