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Sheer Madness

So, as we speak I’m traveling to Rhode Island via bus to see a friend I haven’t seen (unless you count Facebook) in almost ten years….it amazes me how social media has allowed our culture to reconnect with people that way.  Yes, it’s true….tweets, posts, and texts aren’t giving you a blow by blow of what’s going on in everyone’s life on a deep personal level….but it puts people on your mind that you might have otherwise forgotten due to time passing.

I’m grateful for the reconnect….but wanted to share a quick OOTD with you.  Since it’s been sooooo hot lately, I thought I’d give this sheer navy houndstooth top and pencil skirt a try.  I got both thrifting…and it cost me less than $1.50.

Take a moment to reach to an old friend today you may have just simply lost touch with….you’ll be glad you did.

Top >< Hennes Collection (Thrifted)
Skirt >< Anne Klein for Bergdorf Goodman (Thrifted)
Necklace >< Chanel (Gifted to me by Halle Berry, also seen here)
Aviator Sunglasses >< $5 Street Find
Shoes >< Steve Madden (also seen here)



You know, there are some spots in Brooklyn that will absolutely make you think you are a world away….and the arch and fountain at Grand Army Plaza just prove my point.  I took a trip over there this week for an up close look….and I was definitely in good company.

Thank you all so very much for checking out the recent Thrift Shopping Haul Videos!  I have been getting some recent requests to show some Outfit of the Day Posts with all my finds, so I thought I’d incorporate this polka dot Anne Klein silk blouse from my most recent haul with a paint streaked Club Monoco skirt from another trip and some of my other items.

I know we are all busy getting from once place to another, but as the weather heats up….take some time out of your busy day to sit in the park, take a walk, and just enjoy nature.  Because when Winter rolls around once more…you’ll be glad you did.

Top >< Anne Klein (Thrifted from Housing Works)
Skirt >< Club Monoco (Thrifted from Salvation Army)
Necklace >< Chanel (a gift from Halle Berry on a film)
Bracelet >< (a random find)
Handbag >< Kenneth Cole
Belt >< Target
Shoes >< Christian Louboutin (Discount find)