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DIY: Great Gatsby Headband

So I recently saw the newest remake of the Great Gatsby , and  I was mesmerized the entire time with the fashion.  Take me back to the 1920’s — PRONTO!  The feathers, the dresses, the cloche hats — I was truly in love…and the blinged out Tiffany headband worn by Carey Mulligan, was no exception. So you know me….in homage to hers, I grabbed a fabulous brooch and made my own for a fraction of the cost.  Tell me what you think!

SUPPLIES: crystal brooch, e6000 glue, rhinestone ornament, needle and thread, ribbon, rhinestone chain (I originally thought I would use these white plastic strip of beads, but later opted for the rhinestone chain), scissors, and wire cutters.

1. Cut two pieces of ribbon at an angle on one end. My first one is 15 inches, and my second is 21.5 inches at the longest points.
2. Dab a tiny bit of glue on the end so it won’t fray.
3. With your wire cutters, remove the back pin and adjoining metal to create a “flat” back to your brooch.
4. Using the e6000 glue, adhere both ornaments to each side of the brooch’s back.
5. Let dry for a few hours.
6. Feed your ribbon through the open end of your rhinestone ornament, and with only a half if left over, apply a dab a glue to it and hold it (Note: it all depends which side you want to wear the brooch on. For example, if you want it on the left side of your face, when it’s laying down on your table and facing up…you’ll want to put the shortest ribbon on the right).
7. I originally thought I’d try plastic beads, but later thought the rhinestone crystals pictured here would be much better — I was right. Cut two strips, the length of about 14 stones.
8. Glue these two strips of rhinestone chain to the back of the brooch.
9. You can always go with just glue for a clean finish, but if you’d like a little added security, stitch the ribbon in place.