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Things People Will Do For $5

Posted on 25 September 2011 by frugal-nomics

Whether your resume needs sprucing up, having trouble making a tough decision, want to learn the basics of song writing, or you could use a HOT background for your Twitter Page….you can get all that done and MORE for ONLY $5 on the little gem of a website I love to tout about, Fiverr.com!!!

Now…I think this site’s a pretty amazing idea! It’s a great way to make money online AND/OR get random things done you may need….but you may have thought up until now were a little pricey.  You should definitely check out Fiverr.com and see all the varying, random, and the oftentimes much-needed things done — for a pretty unbelievable price.

Here are a couple of things I’ve learned while using site that may make your experience even better: 

1. Read through the site, and shop around (Yes, you’re only spending $5 bucks, but you don’t have to go with the first Seller you see doing what you are looking for).
2. Lean towards Sellers who have been favorably rated by other Buyers (That way you know you can gauge what kind of work they may produce).
3. You want to aim for using Sellers who have a history using the site (That way it’s more probable you’ll get your project–newbies are welcome, but use at your own risk).


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