How to Accessorize on a Budget

Posted on 29 May 2014 by frugal-nomics


Spring is here (sort of) and we have been sloooooowly but surely starting to shed our winter layers, and attempting to reinvent our previous year’s fashion. But let’s just be honest — some of us really need a serious overhaul; but we just don’t have the budget to do it. A problem you say? Not anymore because, I have three easy and cheap solutions for getting more mileage out of your current wardrobe, check them out below.

A new and trendy look could be as close as a statement necklace away, but depending on where you look, some of your more opulent and drool-worthy pieces can run you well over $250. Who has that kind of dough to drop on just one piece? Not many. But there’s no need to get discouraged about your accessory makeover — here are three easy accessorizing tips for upgrading your statement jewelry to give you a whole new look — on a budget.

1. J. Crew Factory. One of my favorite style inspirations is J. Crew — I just LOVE the retailer’s colorful and sleek collegiate wares. But, as one might expect, I have always found that the nicer the piece here, the more expensive the price tag it bears. My solution — if you are willing to wait a season or two for that bracelet you’ve spotted, all you have to do is check out the “factory” tab on their website, and you may be able to grab it for only a fraction of the cost. After all, patience is a virtue for a reason.

To view the full article, visit the Yahoo Finance website here.


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  1. Karen Maria Says:

    Love this post! I’ve missed your videos on Youtube!
    -Karen Maria

  2. frugal-nomics Says:

    Thanks Karen, I appreciate that!

  3. Maximo Fioravanti Says:

    I just added this site to my feed reader, excellent stuff. Can’t get enough!

  4. Kurniawan Says:

    I am SO ready for Spring as well!!!Over here in the UK the new trend is big and bold colours like msuatrd yellow and lime green. Not sure how I will like that. Love outfit number 1!

  5. frugal-nomics Says:

    Why thanks Kurniawan! And I’m all over the bold color trend — the brighter the better. I would be happy wearing those colors year round :)

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