5 Signs it’s Time to Ditch Your Duds

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Everybody’s got stuff in our closet that haven’t seen the light of day for ages (if ever) and we keep re-filing them away with the promise to ourselves that we’ll wear them — soon, honest. But let’s just keep it real, some stuff just isn’t worth holding onto and it’s taking up space that could be reserved for something that’s way more fabulous. So, in case you’re in need of some sort of test for what to keep and what to ditch, here are five signs to tell if it’s time to get rid of clothes.

1. Holes/Stains

Now I’m all for getting a garment on the cheap, even if it means I have to give it a little tender love and care (TLC). But some stuff just isn’t worth salvaging. For instance, if your items have deep underarm stains, a ring around the collar, or holes that aren’t along the seam (now there are some exceptions, like cashmere sweaters that you may want to attempt fixing). it’s probably a sure indicator that it’s time to put them out to pasture.

2. Haven’t Worn It

Yes, you paid good money for that item, and you probably bought it with the best of intentions.  However, if you haven’t worn it within the last year or so,  you find yourself constantly passing it over in the closet, or it no longer fits; chances are it’s time to give it a new home. Even if you don’t donate it, maybe you’d like to try recouping some of your losses by selling it on eBay yourself or even consigning it.

3. Not Worth the Investment to Have It Tailored

Target is one of my favorite home goods stores, but I used to often find myself getting quite a few clothing items from there, too. That was before I started doing a lot more thrifting for quality brands that were affordable. I’ve found at times that it just isn’t worth the investment to have a $20 button-down from there taken in, because the life of the item just wasn’t long enough to make it worth it in the end.

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