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Not alot of people know about MAC’s “Back 2 Mac” Recycle Program….but it’s pretty much how I’ve built up my eyeshadow and lipglass collection.Because MAC has a commitment to the environment, for every 6 glass or plastic containers you turn in to any MAC counter, you get a FREE eyeshadow, lipglass, or lipstick. Yes, I said “FREE.”

The Eye ShadowLipglass, and  Lipstick all retail for $14.50/each; so you can see why getting a free item of your choice for just hanging onto your old containers is such a good deal.

Now, keep in mind…..if you can’t make it into a store, the website only lists that you are able to redeem containers for a lipstick.  However; I know the program has changed in recent history, and I can personally attest to the fact that if you visit one of their locations you are able to get any of the 3 I mentioned.

So….hang on to those “empties” and nab them from your friends and family who don’t have the patience to recycle and you’ll be on your way to a rainbow of colors to try with the changing seasons in no time!


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  1. Theresa Andrews-Singleton Says:

    I Love this info as I am huge MAC user. I was unaware of this!! Thanks for the great tip and keep up the good work!!!! I will be checking back frequently. You have just saved me some money!

  2. Tatsinda Says:

    I love Mac. Thanks for the info. I just started discounting & I feel great when I get a good deal.

  3. Tamara Blackwood Says:

    Wow really, I have been using mac for a while and did not know about this. you just saved me so much money, and oh yea i will be calling on all my friends for their containers lol. Thank for the useful info i am glad there is a site like this for the little people.

    Will definitely be checking back

  4. Shi ann Says:

    thanks for the info….. keep them coming, really appreciate the deals your site open us up to

  5. Deane Says:

    Hi, thanks for this. Seeing as how I am very frugal with my money and love MAC products, this is definitely something I can use. Very helpful!

  6. frugal-nomics Says:

    Hey Deane, thanks for stopping by….I’m an avid Mac user myself and have to stop myself from putting my makeup in other containers before their even done, just so I can recycle :) getting new stuff….it’s addictive.

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